Liteon 811s and dual layer support

hello people this is my 1st thread!
i just flashed my teac-w58g into lite on 811s. i would like to know if it supports dual layer reocording and if there are any media in the market.thx in advance

No, it will never support writing to double layer discs.

Yes, there are double layer discs available on the market in some regions.

thanks! is there any database in here with the dvd-rw models that supports dual layer recording?



Lite-ON SOHW-832S
NEC ND-2510A
Sony DRU-700A
LG 4120BB

To name but a few DL DVD+R recorders…

But with media prices sky high, there’s no need to rush out and buy a drive.

thanks! :wink: i am gonna wait till september then…
i was badluck with my teac w58g…cause if i bought w58ga i could upgrade it to 812s…both had the same price then…badluck :confused: