LiteOn 811S and dual layer disks?

May be a stupid question, but can the 811S be made to write the new dual layer disks or do I need to get myself a new burner? I don’t mind flashing or cross flashing if thats whats needed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think the 811s can be firmware modded to burn dual layer like the 851s can. It has diffrent hardware or something. At least thats what I recall reading. This thread (first thing I found after a quick search) seems to support that.

Yes I read that thread as well, but it was not referring to the upgrade of an original 811S. Thanks for the reply though.

I have an 851s that is running 851s@832s (allowing dual layer). I am pretty sure that when I looked into this, someone else asked about the 811s and it was said that it could not be done. It was only possible with the 451s/851s serries drives. I couldn’t find that thread to refer you to though.
Actually I went to find the firmware page that allows the 851s@832s and stumbled onto this. It says that you cannot do it with the 811s (or any of the 11s series drives). The 451s/851s etc. series drives are the same drives as the 832s (dual layer) except for one component that allows 8x -r burning. That is why they can be modded to 451s/851s@832s and burn dual layer. The 411s/811s are completly diffrent drives.

ripit is correct, it cannot be done on the 11s series burners. to be honest these burners have enough problems burning single layer discs to begin with, and at the prices dl media are now, you could probably buy a new burner for all the coasters it would make.

Thanks for the replies. I will get me a new burner this week as they are cheap enough in the UK. The Pioneer 108 and LiteOn 1633 are both the equivalent of about $72 U.S at local computer fairs.