Liteon 811 or 851S



Which driver is better, the 811 or 851S?
Because I have now the 851S, but I can probably get a 811.


Stick with your 851!

This drive is superior over 811. Looking at hardware, 851 has newer PUH (pickup head) and some other improvements. :smiley:

To my knowledge there are also better upgrade/overclocking possibilities for 851… :cool:
Look around this forum and you will get more info/answers.


if that’s true, I know enough, Thnx!


Yes, my 811S is crap and only produces average results even with the best media…


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Have you tried to play around with write strategies…? :cool:

I have 411@811 Z-modV4 drive and I get great results even on “crap”-media… :bigsmile:
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Stay with the 851. I hated my 811 - junk.


I tried so many types of media, but none of them were even good. I don´t think it would help changing the write strategy as my drive just seems somehow messed up. By the way, a NEC 2500A should arrive within the next days :smiley: