Liteon 811 8x -R?

Hi all,

bit of a n00b wrt DVDRWs, but is there any possibility, with the 812s now coming to market of seeing 8x DVD-R firmware on this drive?

I would imagine if the laser in the drive, and its mechanics can accurately burn +R at 8x then -R should technically be possible?

TIA, and here’s hoping :smiley:

It’s not looking so good:

Try the search button :wink:

Try the search button :wink:

thanks mate :slight_smile:


Search? Its overrated :wink:

[…] the chances are good that the next mod will tweak your firmware for 8x -R writing.
First tests with a patched firmware were done and the results are promising. […],268.0

Someone should be able to use this with a real 811S, too…