Liteon 760GX



Does anyone know what kind of hard drive my 760 uses and where one might be purchased??


The hard drive in my 760 was a Seagate 250GB IDE. You can use any other IDE HDD, up to 250GB. Make sure the jumper is set to MASTER, install in the 760.

When you’ll turn on the recorder, you’ll get an error message code that looks like this "0X00054…), disregard it, erase the HDD using the functions and that will format the HDD and you’re ready to go.

I flashed my 760 with this firmware available here, firmware allows you to put a larger HDD, up to 500GB, in the 760. I installed a Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA HDD in mine using a SATA to IDE adapter available on eBay for about $5 free shipping. Been using it for over a year know and it still works great.


What is flashing a hard drive and how do you do it. Also there are what apears to be circuit boards on top of the hard drive. Thank you for your earlier reply


Flashing is applying a firmware update/upgrade to the system. You need to download the file from the site I linked and burn a disc. Insert the disc in the 760 and follow the prompt to update the file. That upgrade will allow the system to format any HDDs up to 500GB.

The HDD is installed upside down in the 760, what you 're seeing is the bottom side of the HDD. Being upside down doesn’t interfere with performance.