lITEON 760gx

Since the us is going all digital i was wondering if you have a hdtv is there a way to route the 760 through the tv to be able to record on the dvr

Hi mckaskle, I own both the 740 and 760, both with drive replacements. As we in Canuckland will only be affected by the digital transition in August 2011, my knowledge on this is limited but I do understand some of the issues.

By your question I assume that you’re talking about OTA (over-the-air) reception, if so, dependant on your tv’s outputs (some sort of A/V outputs, I’ve seen tvs with audio outputs, not one with a video output yet but I would suspect some do), you’ll most likely be able to record via line output of the tv to line input of the recorder, but you would be stuck watching what you’re recording, similar to recording from a cable box, the NTSC tuner in the 740/760 will be useless in this manner.

If you have cable, and for a prescribed time I think, your cable provider must continue to send analog signals through the cable, then you would need to split the cable, send one to the tv and the other to the 740/760, the NTSC tuner in the recorder should be able to read the analog signals, not sure here, it is the assumption, and the tv’s ATSC tuner will tune in the digital signal.

The issue with this is that eventually the cable provider will be able to switch the analog feed off. Eventually the NTSC-tuner equipped recorders will all become “tunerless” recorders hence the need to use a tuner of some sorts like a cable/satelite box/PVR. Dependant on your cable/satelite provider’s boxes and systems, some do offer the ability to send one feed out and watch another, something to look into in your area for future considerations.


Thanks so much for your timely reply. Hopefully I will be able to figure out a way I can do this. Thanks again

I have a 20 year old TV that has component audio and video outputs and 2 newer TVs that have have those outputs plus SVideo outputs. With my 5005 recorder I connect as CrazyCanuck suggests in the second paragraph of his post, but I’m stuck with watching what’s being recorded as CrazyCanuck states you will be when recording in this fashion.

In the US digital to analog converters may be purchased for those with older analog TV to allow those viewers to use the older sets after the conversion to all digital broadcasts. That may be another option if those digital to analog converters are available in your location. BTW not all ATSC tuners receive all digital signals. I have a JVC TV that will receive only 2 local digital broadcasts while a Vizio TV I recently got will receive all 14 local digital broadcasts. This may possibly be an issue with the digital to analog converters, but I have no experience with them.