Liteon 760gx Macro

I have bought my self a liteon gx760 and really impressed with it.I tried to back up a dvd using a external dvd player and get the copyright etc etc etc on screen.i know their is a hack for the 740gx but does anybody know of one that actually works for the 760gx.The softwear on it at the moment is version 0027.I have heard of macro disabler scart lead but have been told not to waste my money they don’t work or give rubish quality.I already changed it to muti region within the menu.Can anybody help me on this or point me in the right direction?

can anyone help me on this?

Here is your answer:

This product will even leave the Closed Captions on the DVD/VHS when you recorded, if its there.

This product works better then Sima GoDVD.