LiteON 760GX Defragmenting

Has anyone come across any problems with the LiteON 760GX defragmation tool the reason i ask is that i have heard stories on other players of the hard drive being deleted after defragmenting. And want to make sure i wont have any problems and lose my stuff.

I’ve used the Defrag feature numerous times
with no problems.
Just be sure you click the Defrag button
and not the Erase button. :bigsmile:

Mine was blocked in the middle of defragmenting. I had to pull out the plug to restart it and in the process I lost access to some of the programs I had on my hard-disk

If there’s a lot of stuff on the hard drive,
it takes longer, and you might be fooled
into thinking it’s stalled.
Depending on the percentage of used space
it can take half an hour or longer.
Pulling the plug probably fragmented the files
even more than before. :frowning: