Liteon 6S160P problem

I had a slight problem not being able to open the tray with my Liteon 6S160P (paper-clip solution)

I decided that it was not a mechanical problem so I thought a software update of some kind could help… and it did… the drive opens very nicely now… but the DVDRW will not read anything and it keeps flashing…

I used flash utility 3.0.2 but would not read flash at any size.

any help would be much appreciated… otherwise it will end up in the cupboard of less than useless crap.

The message I get when updating firmware is…

‘Unable to flash firmware’ see your vendor etc.

How is the drive connected to your PC, internally or in a USB/1394 enclosure?

Its connected internally

You might try the EEPROM tool’s Repair Checksum option. If it fails to restore the drive, I would try reflashing the firmware with XSF via a boot disk.

If you are trying to flash with the LITEON firmware, that is the correct error message as your drive is a rebadged liteon. Get the stock unscrambled firmware for Codeguys site.

Checking the checksum with EEPROM tool is the only thing that appears to be error free… I think the XSF route is my only option… once I understand how to use the tool…

As a precaution I will unhook my other DVDRW just in case I disable that one too…

XSF looks a bit daunting… any straight forward guide for my situation?

Dude, read my message…!

I did try unscrambled software but no joy… it would not update.

From where?

from codeguys