LiteOn 52x32x42x good at copy protection backup?


I’ll probably buy the Plextor 716a in a few days (unless any of you got to say very very bad things about it).
I’ve saw that it is very good at reading audio, but …
I’ve saw also that the Plextor Premium is good at reading audio, is it better the the 716? Way better?

Besides the Plextor 716a, I want a good CD burner that can backup my copy protected games (my already sold Pionner 108 couldn’t do that very well, it failed consistenly to copy my Rome Total War).

So, can I relly in a LiteOn 52x32x42x to make backups of my copy protected games? Also, how good is the LiteOn 52x32x42x at DAE, is it better (or as good) than Plextor Premium or 716?


Yes, generally speaking - most LiteOn drives are good at backing up copy protected discs and for reading audio.
Have a read here: