Liteon 52x24x52 connected to maxtor ultra ATA/133 PCI adpater card

yeah, i have a liteon 52x24x52 connected to maxtor ultra ATA/133 PCI adpater card, with latest drivers under win xp pro, i have a hd and that burner hooked in, and taht’s it, dunno why, but it will only burn at 16x, anyone have a clue? and how i can fix this? its memorex 48x media btw

it sux to have this burner and only being able to burn at 16x, :confused: the last burner i had was the yamaha 2100ez 16x10x40, so this is pissing me off, :confused:

Generally, you can’t connect RW drives to controller cards. That card in particular is known to have issues with burners. Highly recommend putting all HD’s on the controller and opticals on the MB.

I haven’t encountered any ata-controller cards where you can’t connect rw’s onto… its slow… but it works…

Originally posted by SkYLiNe
its slow… but it works…

How’s about you putting optical drives on the mobo IDE and HDs on the controller card, then you’ll get… it’s fast and it works.:Z

It ain’t me with the problem right now, my drives are running great, its the guy who started this topic… all i was saying is… it is possible some ppl don’t have enough slots on their mobo, and so, they are forced to use the ata controller card slots, and it would still work(as opposed to what many thought initially)

Actually, the card in question has known issues with RW drives, and some programs will not work with the drive on any kind of card. But apart from that, most of us here would not consider 16x burning as “working” or “running great”.

That’s right. I would consider that running as running shitty, but if the guy put his rw drive there becuase he has no other free slots, then that’s just too bad… only solution would be to either move HD’s and cdrom’s to the card controller, leaving the mobo slots free for the rw.

I have this card, and I can’t even use my 12x burners on it. The computer is a Celeron 366.

The burners work fine on the motherboard, so I hooked the hard drive to the controller card instead.

Most people can squeek by with 4 optical drives on the MB and 4 HD’s on the card.