Liteon 52x

I have this odd problem when burning ETM (securom).
4 discs, disc 2 refuses to install, quits out with a ‘device attached not function error’ or the install recommences at a VERY slow rate.

I just tried the exact 4 discs in another pc, with a samsung burner and it installed perfectly?!

I was using A120 to burn them.

I’ve also tried to use clone cd’s ‘hide cdrw media’ option, to no avail… any ideas why my superior (or so i thought) liteon refuses to install this game?


This behavior was typical of plextor on some games to backup but be bale to install from. Never heard of such from a Lite-on, I have the sam eunit as you, no problems here. I tried a securom, but not your specific title. Is the game disc it stall son the protected one? Out of the 4 discs, which are protected, are all???
Whichever is not, burn with a regular data profile. Also try the CloneCD twinpeak method. Thats how I got mine to work.

it’s CD2, a standard, non protected cd i believe.

cd4 is the play cd…

Thats very starnge, have you tried another burning software, any should do if its not protected.

Heheh, i’m say that problem is the drive itself.

Fortunately i change my Liten-On to LG in shop where i buy it. This low noise LG is work so good that i can’t be more than happy.

Ok, your problem maybe not cause from Liten-On. Have you try BlindWrite? I haven’t copy any securom with Alcohol 120% because new securom 4.8 doesn’t work without RMPS emulation.