LiteOn 52x or drive?

I think this issue may also belong in the Media forum, but I figured Id start here first.

I have an Alpine car stereo, which is very picky about the media it reads and doesnt read. Ive narrowed it down to ALWAYS working with dark-blue dye Imation discs. By now Ive built up quite a collection of blank Imations, so I can burn audio.

Now Im using my new 52X Cendyne (LiteOn) drive to burn. No matter what speed I try (4x all the way to 32x) the burn goes fine, but NOTHING recognizes the disc. Not even the LiteOn drive itself!!! It always comes up as a blank CD. Physically looking at the CD, you can see that something has been burnt to it.

I read a thread that says the LiteOn drives have problems with the dark-blue dye used in the Imation discs, but then I read a thread that says some Imation discs work great.

I have successfully been able to burn to different media, but then again this media doesnt work in my Alpine.

Can anyone confirm dark-blue dye is a problem for the LiteOn drive? I noticed a couple new firmwares out, do they help the issue any?


I’m not aware of any Imation media using cyanine dye, but in general Imation uses the poorest quality media that money can buy. For the best audio compatability, try Fuji(TY) or Verbatim DLP media, both use cyanine formulas that often work in picky audio players. Burn them at 16x-32x, lower speeds can actually increase errors on high-speed media.

I ran all the media I have lying around thru the CDSpeed “Media Test”.

The Imation dark-blue CDs are the same as my K-Hypermedia blue bottomed CDs. The K-Hypermedia stuff works in my Alpine.
They both have the same info:

Manufacturer : CMC Magnetics
Code : 97m26s60f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 0: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 75:00.00
659 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

So I burned something to a K-Hypermedia disk in my LiteOn. Guess what? It comes up empty no matter where I look. Nero says the medium is empty. Windows Exploder shows nothing on the disc.
Is there something up with my drive and media with this type of dye?
Is “Cyanine” that much different than “Cyanine, AZO”?


This is really cheap media, I wouldn’t make any judgements about the drive based on this media. Many high-speed drives have “issues” with this type media. In this case, the cyanin dye type is not relevant, get some Fuji and try that.

Will do!! I just figured since “dye is dye” (but I bet it really isnt) I might have decent luck.

Its weird how a different dye works fine (albeit not above 48x, but the CDs can at least be read afterwards).

Thanks again!!!

Try Princo or Jensen media. Jensen is available at most Circuit City stores. They will work very well in the liteon drive, although you might have to burn them at 48x. They have had the best compatibility with finicky players in my experience.

Its weird how a different dye works fine

It’s about lasers and reflectivity. Many of the audio players are not really CDR/RW compatable, and this is why. different types of lasers have different requirements for reflectivity in the disc. the darker discs seem to fool some of the players, but not always.