LiteOn 52x CD-r/w

LiteOn will announce soon a new recorder with the fastest recording/re-writing/reading speeds ever available. The new recorder will support 52x recording, 32x re-writing and 52x reading speeds making it the faster recorder even came in the market…

The drive is expected to hit the market around September, almost two months after the LTR-48246S comes to shops. The new drive (LTR-52325S) will use Full CAV (24X-52X) for recording & reading, while for re-writing (32X) speed, CAV is expected be used.

The drive will use MediaTek chipsets and will comply according to Orange Book Part III v1.0 that supports up to 32x re-writing speeds.

Got that from another CDR website…

Can’t wait for that MONSTER!

And what’s the name of that “CDR-site”?

Like, a very informative site…

The model number will not be LTR-52325S.

It will most likely be LTR-52326W or LTR-52326H.

Or if it require a newer chipset it will be LTR-52327?

But different, we don’t just copy/paste news, we don’t post obsolete news, and we always mention the source.

How obsolete is that news?
What did it just come out yesterday?

I guess I have to go read the rules…

Old news .:bigsmile:

I was not refering to your post, but to the mentioned site in general, they tend to post news like it’s news of today, while the company has released the info like a month ago, but let’s not get into that discussion, there is a place on the web for everyone…

I gotta catch up…
I’m new to this forum and haven’t really had the chance to read through some posts yet.



Hahaha well then you have a lot to read :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks. That seems to be a good start.

Wow, 32x rewrite may make cd-rw’s more popular, of course Mount rainer needs to be able to actually write at that speed otherwise it’s useless.

Looks like CDRW is going to hit a wall mecahnically in the near future, probably at 32X max., if no technological breakthough on the age old limitation has been discovered. I would always appreciate an approx. 22X CDRW drive, it still is a big leap forward. :wink: :smiley:

This is gonna be a killer one!


  • it’s buffer is increased (8,16 or 32 Mb would be nice when
    writing at 52x speed!),
  • it can read all protected audio CD’s,
  • it has the T@2 writing function implemented (probably not:
  • it still can copy SD2 CD’s (without AWS!),
  • it can copy StarForce and Tagès with CloneCD (is this a
    hardware (writer) problem or a software (CloneCD) problem?).

> - it can copy StarForce and Tagès with CloneCD (is this a
hardware (writer) problem or a software (CloneCD) problem?).

Hardware problem. No backup of Tagès will be possible with RAW-DAO-96.

AFAIK, there is currently no backup utilities that can do Tages. BTW, it really doesnt matter for how large the buffer cache is, provided that the drive has some sort of BUR protection; except for read cache. :wink:

I wonder if the 48125w will be able to be upgraded to the 52x. Or will it have different hardware… i mean to achieve 32x CDRW…makes you wonder…Anyone have any idea how muchfaster the 52x is gonna be compared to the 48x in burning times?

Burning times? 5-6 seconds less or so I guess.

The 52X will have a newer hardware revision

The Law of dimishing marginal return is certianly applies here. I miss 16X drives, with 100% true X ratings, my 24X is at about 95% rating in practice.

Hardware problem. No backup of Tagès will be possible with RAW-DAO-96.

With what kind of writing method will it be possible?
Can we expect such writing methods in the near future, or are there protections that just can’t be copied?

Does this protection has something to do with the LeadIn and/or PreGap and/or LeadOut? Because from what I know there is no drive that can read (and write?) the whole LeadIn and LeadOut.
Just a thought, could be (and propably is) totally wrong.