LiteOn 52327S Troubles ..Newbie

Hmmm, where to begin, yes at the begining

Running XP Athlon system 1 gig mem. 1 Pioneer 106D, 1 LiteOn . Trouble started when I tried to load a unformatted blank CD in my Liteon…Windows screen pop up asking how I wanted to access CD drive ie: thru Windows Explorer making writable cd folder, Thru Nero, thru , windows media , or take no action. I chose to open thru windows explorer. I get a screen saying " E:\ is not accessable. Incorrect function." In “My Computer” E: drive i get same information. If I open Nero and try to use LiteOn for burning MP3’s ect it works ok. Then play burned Nero audio disc back on LiteOn thru Winamp it works ok…

Tried to search for updated drivers and found none. Found a Flash update for firmware ran update. Rebooted and thought PC had a heart attack. took forever to boot but system is back and same issues. Can anyone help how to solve problem and make sure my system has the right setup? Thanks to all in advance

Do you use the XP built in (Explorer) burning capabilities much? If not turn it off (disable) it, in run type: services.msc scroll down looking for IMAPI Burning CD Com change the start-up type to disabled, just hit the drop down. When you installed Nero did you install InCD? You want to avoid using packet writing software if you can.

welcome to burning! unless the disc is formatted with packet software (incd, dla, directcd) you will not be able to read it in explorer or my computer. those programs format the disc and allow drag and drop access to the disc

if you are not using one of those applications it will not be accessible since there is not a session or data structure for the disc until it has been written to.

Shouldn’t XP do this automatically? Seems it works that way in my other PC. Am I missing software to preform this function? This PC was my own build.