Liteon 52327S and safedisk 2.9

Is the new liteon 523227 able to do a backup copy from safedisk 2.9 protected CDs???



ive had no luck with it…

but then again, it could be me

used new blindwrite, no autoplay, no enhance Dao PW
no work for generals or hot pursuit 2

backed Generals up here just fine with clonecd

Generals has safedisk 2.8 not 2.9

Have you tried Alcohol’s safedisc profile? Cause the writer writes 'em okay for sure…

Originally posted by klausii
Generals has safedisk 2.8 not 2.9

point being viper said he couldn’t back up generals, but that I have, so something else is at play.

that is interesting…

i could do the back-ups fine with my old 48125w, but i havnt been able to do a succesful one with my new burner which is REALLY weird.

i stay away from alcohol coz i just dont like it… i’d rather a 1:1 from clone or blindwrite then a hacked 1:1 copy that alcohol does…
but seeing blindwrite dont seem to do it…

I have noticed that the new Nforce2 Chips seem to be causing problems everywhere, in fact thats what killed my old 48125w and caused me to get my new 52327s
so maybe it interfers in the burning process???

I fail to see any way the motherboard chipset could be involved, and I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe here with an nforce2 chipset. Don’t mean to ask silly questions, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the easy stuff…have you remembered to use the ATIP hider when trying to play?

im no moron… :stuck_out_tongue:

2.8 doesnt need this, but in any case both clonecd and blidwrite are installed, with the clonetray hide media option enabled.

so its a mystery

well my backup won’t work without it anyways, and I know I’ve forgotten to use it on at least one occasion with some game. :slight_smile:

I fail to see any way the motherboard chipset could be involved

It’s not, really. The Nforce troubles were due to IDE drivers.

ah, thanks