Liteon 52327s and probs with doom 3 bkup

i have yet to bk up doom 3 with this drive,have tried alco 120 and clone and neither work,the game will constantly hang and not load,even read at x1 and write at times 4, i even tried my pioneer 106 dvdr but to no avail. time to tear me hair out cause i cant figure this 1 out.all i wont is to keep me discs mint,looks like this one is a no goer

n e ideas?

It is quite possible that your drive cannot burn a copy that will run in either of your drives.
I would suggest just running Doom 3 from an image or your original CD.


Or use the progam in my sig :wink:

wot r the best drives out there for the readin and burnin sd 3 and above?

never had a problem with my asus 5224a

Lite-on dvd roms read sd.3.x very good as they are a tolerant reader.

Lite-On DVD-ROMs run sd3.x backups well as they are a tolerant reader.

Yes in my exoerience my liteon dvd rom drive isn’t accurate enough to create the backup, but more than capable of running them.

I use an Asus 5224a