Liteon 52327s/1693s questions

Hello Everyone,
It’s been awhile since I posted last. I had upgraded to a Liteon 1693s dvdrw while back and have done ok with it. I hadn’t tried to back anything for awhile. Now that I want to back up some sd2x games it appears the 1693s is not up to the task. After checking out the protection forum I’m wondering if my old Liteon 52327s that’s on a shelf in the closet is up to the task as it was not on the sd killer burner list.

Thanks to the people that keep this site up to date, it’s by the best one one I’ve found.

Your Liteon 52327s shouldn’t have any particular difficulty in making working copies of sd2x protected cds.

Thany you for your dedication to this forum and the help you provide to so many users.

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