LiteOn 52246 drive at CompUSA

For those who are interested, CompUSA is now selling the Buslink version of the 52x drive for $80. This drive is a “real” LiteOn and no flashing will be required.

thanks for the info :cool:

I posted on this drive before…is it really 521252 or is the actually drive a 522452…does the bios report it as a liteon???

I thought it was $69.99 after rebate???

Newegg has all of the “real” Lite-on branded “6” Series CD-RW Drives with free shipping.

The LTR-48126S is $58.
The LTR-48246S is $59.
The LTR-52246S is $79.

The CenDyne version was at OfficeMax on Monday. Smaller box, but still listed the Lite-On model number on the back of the box. Can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was over $80, maybe even $89.

From their photograph it looks like a Liteon but if that is the case their specifications are completely wrong. A Liteon writes CAV, not Zone CLV and the data listed under specifications is obviously for a much older model!

rebadgers are notorious bad on the spec for there drives

their specifications are completely wrong

Funny isn’t it? suppose the webmaster used onother drive’s page to template the new drive’s page and didn’t enter the data right?