Liteon 522452 need some help

Ok I just got one of theses burners and I have a couple of questions.
For the past 6 months I have been trying to create a backup of my Diablo ll Expansion disk.
I was using a Liteon 12101b and no matter what program I chose I could not get it to burn.
So I installed the 522452 and just like that I burned 2 costers.
So during the second burn I had CloneCD log file going and I noticed that it said that my 52X CDRom that I was copying from did not support 96 something along with something else so I after that coster I decided to try a burn just using the New liteon drive only, it worked I now have a working copy of D2 expansion.
(although it’s a little flakey) I can only play it in the burner, my CD rom will not recognize it so here is my question.
Does the CDrom drive matter here? It is an older 52x (2 years at least) If I bought a new one would that allow me to make burns from the CDRom drive to my liteon or is the best way to copy protected data to use only the burner?


It is best to use the burner.

strange but I made like 6 coasters with blindwrite and clonecd using my lite-on 32123s trying to backup ghost recon and didn’t have success until I used my asus cdrom (52x fw ver 1.8a) to create the image in blindwrite… just proves how ymmv

Ok after having this drive for the past couple of days I have some more questions.
First I’m not sure that I have any problem at all but here’s my story.

My back up of D2 LOD was flakey so I decided to re-do it.
After burning 2 or 3 costers I realized that I was using the wrong
profile in CloneCD, I needed to use the SecureRom"New" setting for liteiys.
I did that but still 2 more costers, I tried reading the image and buring back the image and 1:1.
I have at least 3 different types of CDRs so I decided to try a different one. I had been using TDK, don’t know what speed but I bought them a year ago at crapusa for 5$ after rebate on a spindle of 100.
So I poped in different maker (gold lable, don’t remember the manufacture) and that made a coster. Next one I tried was a Memorex (white and purple lable) and that worked. The copy was able to work in either of my 2 drives.
There were a couple of system reboots in there too. I just did them to be sure that there wasn’t something messing with the CD program. Not sure if that had anything to do with my sucess or not.

Well cleaning up I remembered I had forgot to label my working bkup of BF1942 so I started sorting through the unmarked tdk disc’s several were BF1942’s but none of them worked. :frowning:
Very puzzeling to me that I could have a perfect working copy one day and not the next…
So I decided to burn another copy, I tried to do it on a TDK disc and even though I used the same settings that were sucessfull the other day I was not able to get a good copy. So while I was out of Memorex CDR’s I had some new Memorex CDRW’s and tried that.
I was able to make a working copy on that. I tested it extensively and so far the burn seems to be good.

Now I am left pondering a few things?

Am I experienceing a problem with the burner, my system, or the media.

I am starting to lean to the media but I did several reboots (although the system never locked up or indicated any kind of OS problem)
Weird thing is that one time I was able to just use the game CD setting but now both working copies that I have now had to be done using the liteon SecureRom "New’ settings (D2 LOD) and Safedisc 2.51 (aws) BF1942.
For some reason using the game CD did not work nor did burn proctected CD, or Safedisc 2 (non AWS).

What am I missing? From all of the info I have read I should be able to burn almost anything with out changing a thing e.g. using the default game CD setting.

BTW, ClonyXXX, tried that and their settings for both discs and got nothing but costers.


The new drive is still not a good subchannel reader :frowning:

The new drive is still not a good subchannel reader

Please forgive me but I don’t know what you mean by that or the siginifance of it.

I read your review of the drive so I can see that you are familuar with it.

I did flash to the latest firmware from liteons site.

Do you think my problem is more of a media thing?


With a bad subchannel reader, it is not possible to create a good backup of some securom games (as you saw in the review, WarCraft 3 failed e.g.)
Not writing is the problem, but reading a good image is the problem.

You can’t to anything about it. Only solution is to use another drive as reader.

Now I understand (light bulb turns on), :slight_smile:

So the most reliable way to burn would be have the best reader AND a lite-on, then put the disk to be copied on the reader and use the liety to make the burn?

Thanks for your time, BTW one more thing then, do you have some suggestions on excellent readers?


in your review you stated it supported subchannel + 96 bytes…but here you say it is not a good reader of subs…HUH???

It understands the command to read 96 subchannel bytes, but the read subchannel data is not exactly of high accuracy in some cases :wink:

So what would be a good reader then?