LiteOn 52/32/52 CD-RW

When are LiteOn releasing a 52/32/52x CD-RW (the LTR52326S??)? I read somewhere that it has been announced and would be released in September, well it’s November now and we’ve only had the 52/24/52x CD-RW. Traxdata have announced a 32x CD-RW drive so it must be possible. Also, when are they going to use 8MB buffers in their drives instead of 2MB, this would reduce the number of errors?

What are the maximum speeds possible for CD-R and CD-RW burning out of interest? Will we see 60x Cd-R and 40x CD-RW? What new features will manufacturers include in their drives once the top speeds are reached?

Cheers, Nick

The speed of 52x writing is 7800k/s. Even with 8MB buffer this would only last for a second or two.

well…52x is kinda pushing it but maybe someday well see a 60x60x60 with 64mb buffer


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