Liteon 5115 and Protected content msg

Ok I have done me due diligence and searched my buns off and have found no hits on this problem … :confused:

I have a Liteon LVW-5115 DVD recorder – I use it like we used to use VCRs. I will record some broadcasts and then play them back later skipping commercials and or just because two things are on at the same time… but as of Yesterday I am no longer able to do this. :sad:

I just started getting a message “Protected Content” showing up when ever I attempt to record anything from my satellite provider (DTV) … Off the air broadcasts are still recordable via the Antenna input. Is this something new or am I just know stumbling onto something old ?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and or does anyone know of a resolution ???

I also have a LVW 5115 GHC recorder. I had this same problem when I had TW cable. Now I have dish and no more problems.

I would say if you can record air broadcasts and not DTV its your sat provider not the recorder. Try taking your recorder to a friends house that has cable or another sat provider and see if it recordes. Hope this helped some.