Liteon 5055GDL Macrovision Circumvention / Removal

Has anyone come across or is developing a hack to remove or otherwise circumvent the bloody Macrovision in this otherwise excellent unit?
I’ve scoured the web for the past two weeks to no avail - is the firmware Liteon have employed that new / sophisticated?
Any comments, suggestions would be most welcome.

Try this. You’ll probably have to reset the region afterwards. (97.2 KB)

Thanks but this hack does not work - as Mr. Wizard clearly states on his website, it’s for earlier units / software. Some genius with intelligence way beyond that of my own worm-like allocation needs to develop a new hack methinks!

It worked on my 5055 which I bought this week.

Did you verify that it did remove Macrovision by recording a MV encripted tape? Someone said on this board and others that this years’ DVR models by Liteon uses different video chip and the old hack wouldn’t work anymore. Please confirm.

Did you download the latest firmware from Liteon first? If so which version was it?

Did you check for MV afterwards to ensure it had gone (maybe by trying to record a protected dvd to hd?)

Gimmee a shout back when you can, thanks

Schnoo, you cannot copy a protected DVD onto the HDD as its not a macrovision problem, its a CSS encryption problem.

Liteon (and most others) will not remove the CSS encryption from an original disc so you can copy it onto the HDD, this means that there is only one way to put original DVD’s onto the HDD, this involves a PC, a DVD writer and a few DVDRW discs.

The Macrovision hack allows you to record from Macrovision sources via scart or phono.

I used the latest f/w (018) from LiteOn’s website. I copied an old Disney VHS tape to HDD via the front AV input, and it worked fine. All my old Disney tapes have macrovision protection.

Me too. I have just downloaded the latest firmware for my 5045GDL+ and removed the Macrovision. I am now archiving some Disney tapes to HD. :slight_smile:

I’m showing my ignorance here! Is there a way of disabling the CSS encription (not from the disc being played / copied) but the 5055gdl unit itself? Like I said, I’m being ignorant but I don’t know whether CSS is something that can be “turned off” within the unit somehow. can someone give me a lesson! :slight_smile:

While CSS is designed to prevent one from ripping their DVDs, apparently from my experience, the CSS is not the actual issue preventing one from copying a DVD Title to their Lite-On’s HDD. It seems like the Lite-On will only copy data disc content to HDD (MP3, MPG, JPG files, etc.) and DVDs recorded in the Lite-On. I have already tried using a DVD authored in a PC (which obviously lacks CSS) and the Lite-On refused to copy anything off this either. :rolleyes:

The main purpose of MV hacks is to prevent the Lite-On from checking for copy-protection signalling in the video stream. For example, if you connect up a DVD player to your Lite-On, put in a copy-protected DVD in the player and try recording the playback on the Lite-On, the copy-protection measure will kick in and the Lite-On will not allow recording of the content or stop a recording already taking place. The MV hack aims to disable this. However, it has no effect on trying to copy from DVD to HDD within the recorder itself.

I have no problems copying DVD’s that I have backed up from my own originals. I currently have the complete Firefly series (5 DVD’s) and Serenity DVD on my HDD, all copied to RW discs using DVDShrink & then put onto the HDD. I am slowly putting all my DVD’s onto the HDD so I dont need to keep the originals out and about.

CSS encryption would stop the ability to copy a disc to the HDD as I think the Liteon would block any sort of decryption unless the disc is being played.

I’ll check the ability to copy a pressed un-css’d disc to the HDD later as I have an original pressing of “Human Traffic” that is not CSS encrypted but has Macrovision enabled. (I can copy the disc onto my HDD and play it using only explorer)

Copying “unoriginal” discs to the hard-drive ISN’T a problem, the unit won’y handle original discs and throws up a copy-protection error message. According to Qwakrz it’s a CSS encyption problem. Although (as I understand) the actual encoding appears on the original disc, it’s the machine that reads this coding and then decides it mustn’t copy the disc concerned. Is there a hack that will “amend” the LiteOn’s programming to turn this off - maybe similar to the various region-free software programmes one can use in PC burners for example?

There is a way to copy CSS protected Discs to a LiteON DVD recorder.
Simply obtain an RCA DVD Player newest models only. This will work big time :slight_smile: this is what the RCA PLayer I tested looks like:

Simply use an RCA DVD player as the source player and bingo! Your copying protected DVDs :slight_smile:

Please tell us what model number :bow:

By the way, this will allow you to record CSS protected DVDs only.
If the DVD also has Macrovision (APS) it will not work.

Here are some RCA DVD players that I tested it on:

RCA DVD Player model: DRC233NS
RCA DVD Player model: DRC212NA

That will only copy the main movie from the DVD, if that is all you want then it will be fine.

With the macrovision hack on the 5055 you should be able to perform this with any DVD player as the 5055 will ignore the macrovision added by an ordinary player.

To copy complete movies (including all interactive content) onto a 5055 you need to go down the copy disc route as no-one (afaik) has found a way around the CSS detection to allow an original DVD to be copied to the HDD.

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I have just uploaded the hacked firmware to my new 5055GDL+. Everything went as expected and the region number part of the S/N changed from 2 to 1 but there was no other change to the firmware version so I presume that the new generation of players are shipping with the latest version of firmware.

Before using the hacked firmware I got the Protected Input Source for pre-recorded VHS tapes and DVDs (when played from external VHS Recorder and DVD Player), including a freebie that I got from Topps Tiles about the delights of fitting tiles!

Since uploading the hacked firmware I can now record the pre-recorded VHS tapes and the freebie DVD, but I still get the error when trying to record from legitimate DVDs played on an external DVD Player.

Any thoughts?

Paul B