Liteon 5055 timer list deleting



I have a Liteon 5055GDL+ HDD/DVD recorder.

Can anyone tell me how to delete the old timer recordings from the timer list?

There does not seem to be any delete option.

The manual says you can set up to 32 timer programs and that you should delete some of the programs before inputting new ones. It doesn’t however tell you how to delete them.

Many thanks



Look for a “Reset” option.


If it’s anything like my HD A760GX, highlight the
timer program that is out of date and look on the
left side for the figure of a trash can.
Hit the left arrow on the remote, then hit Enter.



Page 53 in the manual - Date/Time Mode item 6 on the diagram.



Chuck44 and barfootp.
Many thanks for the replies.
Both worked a treat.
Hitting the left arrow after selecting the item to delete was essential and the bit I had been missing.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: