Liteon 5045

My new lite-On 5045 records and replays fine. My problem is I cannot watch another Tv programme while recording. Whether I select a new channel with the TV remote or Liteon remote I get the same picture - the one I am recording. I am in UK. Anybody help? Happy Christmas!

Not quite sure what you mean but.
See if your sky box has scart control enabled (services,picture settings,scart control) If it has turn it off.

Thanks, but no Sky just tv.

Problem was 5045 must be connected to Tv with AV1/AV2 facility. My 2yr old TV didn’t have!

Re original problem (unable to switch tv channels while recording) with tv with no AV1/2. Problem solved as follows:

  1. Set liteon to record as normal.
  2. Remove scart lead from tv.
  3. Change channels using tv remote.
  4. To watch Liteon recording re-insert scart lead.

Anyone out there know how to cancel a programme set to record on Liteon 5045 before the recording starts?

Advised by E-mail from

To cancel a set program press timer on remote control and highlight the required timer recorder, press enter and go to reset on the bottom of the page, page changes, press OK. Program cancelled.