Liteon 5045

I have just ordered a Liteon 5045. It will arrive tomorrow CANT WAIT !!!

I have a few questions…

  1. Can I upgrade the hard drive? ( I know 160Gb is plenty but these are the kind of things we need to know - Im sure you all understand)

  2. Whats the multiregion hack (I only have region 2 disks but its the thought that counts)

  3. can it be connected to a PC? I see theres a DV link thingy… does it act like usb or something ?

Thanks in advance, Im sure the multiregion hack will be the same as the other units 5005 etc.

OOps sorry I sent it twice, anyone know how to delete a thread ?

Hi Greg,

Searching for info on the 5045 and found this post. I already got my Liteon 5045 recorder and it works fine, but I just cannot get it to work like a traditional video recorder. I have consulted mates at work about how to hook it up and its not playing.

I have a telewest cable box, a Panasonic SC-HT70 dvd amp 5.1 home cinema system, and a ready to be changed tv with only 1!!! scart socket on it.

I can record a program through the tv tuner, but can’t watch anything else, which defeats the object of any kind of video recorder…

I have the scart out from the cable box as the scart in on the Liteon 5045. Then the scart out from the Liteon to the TV. The roof cable rf aerial goes into the RF in on the Liteon, and the Liteon rf out goes to the tv rf in.

Basically I cannot record anything, but watch the other sources…

Anyone Help

I recon until you get a telly with 2 or more scarts, you will be limited. You should be able to do the following
Record cable to liteon via scart and watch normal telly channels 1 to 5 on your telly
record normal telly via the liteon tuner and unplug your scart from the liteon and plug it into your telly. (telewest straight to your telly) you could then watch a cable programme whilst recording channels 1 - 5. its a bit of a ball ache. as you said you will be getting 2 scarts soon so it will be easier. Obviously you will never be able to reord 1 cable channel whilst watching another because you only have 1 cable decoder. Good Luck