LiteOn 5045 (UK) NOT recognizing blank media

I have had this machine for around 6 months with very few insurmountable problems.
However, I am now finding that it wont recognize blank +R media but will recognise blank RW discs. It also now fails to recognize +R media which it has burned in the past. :a
Any ideas chaps? :confused:

Hi m8

Try a DVD/CD cleaning kit. It worked for me :slight_smile:

BTW did you join Liteon 5045 forum here :-


This is a major problem with these and Liteon aint much help. I dont know if anyone has opened one of these, I read on another forum that its a normal ide drive, Ive had 2 replacement machines do the same… Worst of all is the machine works quite well if you dont mid a machine that crashes every other week… Can anyone help with a replacement drive? (make model?)


there are replacement drives for it just have a look on this forum. there some ppl telling their story and how they did it. There was even some1 attempting to use a HDD instead of the DVD drive, without any success though.
I have posted some threads with almost the same problem. My case was different than yours though. Mine didn’t write any RW anymore DVDs this is. It had no probs with the CD-RW. My machine was 8 month old the problem happened.

I wonder why this happens? Aren’t these the same drives as they use for internals in PCs?
When you ask some1 with a liteon drive CD or DVD they are normally happy with them.
Strange to say the least and I bet that ppl with 500x don’t use them as often as those with DVDs or CDs in their PCs.

I did not look at this post cause I do not have a 5045. The drives used in the LVW-5XXX are based on the PC burner models but are different, that is physically and firmware wise. The ddw drives are in a big bulky plastic housing (at least my ddw-451s is). I dunno why? Some people have put PC based LiteOn’s in the 5xxxx and I am about to.

I have had 5 RMA 5005 units. When I start having to pay for a fix I will consider replacing the DVD drive with a DVD writer even if I have to make major changes to the 5005 case.


The same thing has happend with my liteon 5045.

had it around 8 months and over the last two it has been getting steadily worse refusing to write +/-R/W

now it won’t even prepare a brand new blank disk and it won’t play films on writeable or rewritable discs. even ones it has written itself in the past.

it just comes up with “invalid disc”

is it a warranty job or is there anything i can do to fix it myself ?

if it has to go back Any tips on backing up the hard drive ?. I don’t want to lose the 140GB worth of recordings i currenly have on it.

i could hook it to my PC and take a ghost image of it but what if i end up getting a different player it won’t be compatable. any way to extract the actual recordings off it ?