Liteon 5045 - Trying to copy VHS to DVD

Hi there - sorry if this is addressed somewhere else - I’ve justed popped on for the first time to try and sort out an issue and can’t find the search feature to look through old posts…

  • Have a Liteon 5045 160GB machine (UK REGION 2)
  • Have hooked up VCR and recorded old PAL VHS to hard drive
  • Now trying to copy from hard drive to DVD-R

Keep getting message:

“The function you specified is not supported due to some limitations. Please split the title and try again.”

This message is kind of vague so I don’t know what the problem is:

  • wrong type of disc? Using a Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-R

  • file size too long to fit on 4.7BG disc? Can’t even find file size info for title

  • wrong type of file? the manual goes on about DVD-Video and VCD-Video etc, but I don’t know what any of that means in terms of me trying to copy this to DVD-R

  • the film was recorded onto the hard drive in HQ mode, is there a problem then copying this mode? Original film was 1hr 20mins on very old VHS, so chose best quality.

Just want to know what the issue is likely to be before I go buying new disks or re-recording in a lower format etc…



I believe HQ is only one hour on a DVD, so you may have put it on the hard drive at too high a quality. (Often, harddrive/DVD recorder machines use DVD format when recording to the hard drive, and transfer to DVD accordingly.)

Try rerecording the tape on the hard drive at SP and see what happens. It’ll likely transfer to DVD with a half hour to spare on the disc.

Also, try these forums…

Believe they have not only info that’s especially helpful to UK users, they also have a forum just for the hard drive/DVD units.

One quick question…

Was the VHS tape copy-protected?

If so, did you hack your LiteOn to ignore macro, or is it still macro-compliant? If so, you may not be able to burn the material to disc.

Welcome to the forum Poppy :clap:

As you mention your drive is regioned, removing the region is quite simple (assuming you haven’t done this already). :stuck_out_tongue: Press ‘Setup’ to bring up the menu and then scroll down until the ‘Exit’ icon is highlighted. Now, key in the digits 2, 9, 6 and 0 and you will get a screen with a choice of region codes or ‘Region Free’.

If your LiteOn will not let you put a recording on a blank DVD (regardless of the type), you will need to split the recording. The recording time on the DVD totally depends on what recording mode you used. A blank DVD has the following maximum recording times: HQ - 1 Hour, SP - 2 Hours, LP - 3 Hours, EP - 4 Hours and SLP - 6 Hours. For VHS recording, I would recommend using SP, since due to the lower quality nature of VHS, the difference between SP and HQ is negligible. Some people even recon that the LP and EP recording modes are indistinguishable from the source in most cases with VHS, although if the VHS has a lot of rapid motion or action, I would recommend sticking with SP.

Since you recorded 1 hour 20 minutes worth of recording using the HQ mode, if you prefer to keep this recording as apposed to re-record it in SP, I would recommend splitting the recording at the 55 minute mark and then putting the first part on one DVD and the second part on another DVD.

If you are not sure how to split a recording, see this page of my review. :slight_smile:

This may help you - I’ve got the 5026 model. I have copied several of my old collection of VHS tapes directly on to DVD at LP quality which gives acceptable results.
I use a scart to phono connector in the back of my VCR then feed the input into the front phonos of the 5026. No protection issues apparent so far.
The only things I have to remember are to set the input to “front” and to press the record button sufficient times to set the length of time needed for the whole tape to record (usually no more than 2.5 hours)

Just bought Liteon 5045 and tried to convert some of my VHSes. I found that I can see a difference between HQ and SP. As VHSes I copy have some treasured memories I decided to go HQ, hopefully new format will last for a while.