Liteon 5045 stops recording to DVD



It seems many 5045 and other Liteon models stop recording to DVD or playing non-commercial DVDs after a few months. Mine just has too.

I’ve tried a lens cleaner and various firmwares without success. Is changing the DVD drive (which sounds painful) a practical and certain solution or is there anything else to try first?

Since I’ve always thought the colour quality poor (washed out) maybe I should cut my losses. Anyone got any thoughts as to better machines that work properly for at least a couple of years?

Any input gratefully received. If anyone’s browsing prior to purchase I certainly don’t recommend Liteon.



You can test out a replacement drive without any problems. Simply open the 5045 case place a replacement IDE drive on top of the origional drive and swap the cables. If it works fine for you, post again for how to install.

Panasonic makes some of the best units.


Well, very odd…

I happened to have a Liteon DVD drive on order for my PC so tried it in this evening. It’s a Liteon DW1670DL (just the budget unit my local sore was selling; didn’t deliberately buy Liteon).

Well after a false start when I forgot to set the jumper the same way as the existing unit, I can now play “homewritten” DVDs but not commercial DVDs so probably a step backwards overall!! Haven’t checked recording yet but I’d guess it would work.

Any comments on this or suggestions for a fix?

Many thanks



[B]Yes [/B], you need to set the region for the first time to play origional discs. Put the drive into your PC play an origional movie an the region will be set. Then put it back into your 5045 and all will be fine. You can still use the hack to make it region free then.


[B]Yes [/B] you need to set the region for the first time to play origional discs. Put the drive into your PC play an origional movie ant the region will be set. Then put it back into your 5045 am all will be fine.


Thanks. The DW 1670 is now working and giving full functionality (fast forward, back steps etc etc). It’s not a great physical fit and some surgery will be required to tidy it up. All in all it seems a good match if youre prepared for the surgery. Thanks to CCRomeo for helping out. Ive now found all the articles on doing the same job on the 5005 and can confirm that it is the same on the 5045



Incidentally when I inspected the existing DVD drive. It was not caked in dust internally and the lens was clear. (I had recently used a cleaner DVD with little brushes although I doubt that alone had cleaned it up, it hadn’t fixed the problem).

Anyway on the “nothing to lose” principal I cleaned the lens anyway with alcohol and a Q-tip and reassembled.

Result: absolutely no change or improvement. Proceed to drive replacement…


I had the same experence with both my LVW 5005s


The messages here helped a great deal. I have just replaced the DVD drive with a retail Liteon. It is playing region free and also DVD backup copies no problems. The drive seems to have an inherent fault, under UK law through the sale of goods act the supplier, being a reail outlet not Liteon if the buyer is not a trader and a consumer has a duty to replace the entire unit or refund upto six years after purchase. The net if full of evidence of the fault being common to all these machines.

I am a trader so i cannot take advantage if this, I have found Liteon very unhelpful in after sales and hence I have no sympathy for them when the traders who they have sold to take counter actions to reclaim the refund costs from them. These machines should have been recalled.

For those out there who do not have the ability to use the sale of goods act the machine can be repaired using a standard DVD drive from a PC. The pysical fitting is another matter and is rather tricky. But at least you can get the unit back up and running this way. I would suggest having a longer IDE cable to hadn fro this. You may also need to modify the front inside of the casing as a standard PC DVD is not the same fitting.

I almost bought a new one after a failed first attemp until I read the posts here, setting the region on a pC solded my issues. I would really suggest anyone buying a DVD recorded does some product research I saw a few that have very bad reviews and many inherent faults. Google is realy handy for this.

I would say in my review that it would be wise for traders to stay clear of this machine, it could have come backs.

The firmware is also now online.

Has anyone found a method o converting the machine to Blu Ray drives?


Just to add I have managed to fit a LH-20A1P487C 20 Speed.

EAN (POS) 4718390009515

Can be bought from and other outlets

I had replaced the HDD some time ago.