Liteon 5045 rejecting DVD discs: which ones should I use?

can anyone help . I have a liteon 5045 about 3 years old. There are problems with playing discs, the machine just spits out most, It used to play o.k, but has become fussy. Can anyone suggest the proper discs to use. I have tried most , still baffled as to why the player rejects them

can anyone help with a brand of dvd that my liteon does not reject. it’s a liteon 5045, that used to take most discs o.k, but has started rejecting most of what I use.I"m about to turf this machine out & opt for something more reliable & less temperamental. Any suggestions will be helpful Helen

Welcome to CD Freaks, Helen :slight_smile:

The discs you buy these days are probably rated at a faster speed than your LiteOn can recognise. For RW discs, look for some 1-4x rated rather than 4x. For +/-R, try 8x as a maximum but if you can find 4x then these should be better.

BTW I split your query off as a new thread, since it wasn’t exactly related to the one you first posted in.

Take a look in the Lite-On recorder forum here. It might help you with your problem. Maybe one of the moderators could move this question there for you where you might get more help.

Thankyou, this is the most positive response I"ve had. I will certainly try what you have suggested & get back to you.

OK Helen I’ll move this thread to the LiteOn forum as suggested. The folks there will probably have a good range of suggestions for disc brands or dye types that will work with the 5045.

Edit: Done :slight_smile:

Later firmware (after 0098) had a drive update to be able to use 16x media.
I like Verbatim and TY media also had good results with Sony mostly DVD-Rs