Liteon 5045 Question about updating firmware

hello i am new here and also new to updating firmware (i have used PC firmware for my liteon DVD drives but i am totally new to using firmware for a HDD DVD recorder).
i have a Liteon 5045 and i have trouble recording of Sky on some channels with the protected content so i was looking into the firmware to see if it would fix this problem. Can i do this with normal firmware or does it have to be the hacked firmware. which version of firmware do i update to if i want to get past this problem since there are many versions. what firmware did my liteon come with (i live in the UK and bought my liteon 5045 christmas 2005). where on the liteon does it say which firmware it has ? also the most important questions are if i update my firmware will i lose the files i have on the HDD and also what happens if somthing goes wrong while updating the firmware and how would the best way to fix it be without losing data ?
i have already read around the forum and found a few articals on macrovision and how the hacked firmware can bypass this but i also read that after 197 firmware the macrovision hack doesnt work right so does this mean i need to use 197 firmware ?

Here’s the source for the 5045 hacked firmware,

Unzip the file and burn on a fresh CD, don’t rename the file, and finalize the CD.
I would suggest to backup your recordings to be safe.
Do a “restore” under setup. You’ll need to reset your timers after the update.
Load CD and follow directions.
Once update complete and tray opens, remove CD, power down, and power back up again.

Use the hacked 204UK and test it out, (try dubbing one of your own commercial DVD), if it records, then the MV protection feature is disabled which means you be able to record the shows from SKY. If it doesn’t work, go down to the hacked 203 and so on until you find one that works. The 197 is a version that’s tried, tested and true. I’ve succesfully upgraded three of my friends’ 5045 at the hacked 201 a few years ago, no issues. Some users reported issues while others no problems passed the 197. Give it a try, the 5045 will allow you to upgrade and downgrade firmware versions.

hi. thanks alot for your reply. i decided to use the hacked 203 firmware off that site since my liteon appears to have come with 203 firmware so i thought that would work. so i flashed the drive and hey presto it works great. thanks alot for the help.
Now i have also just changed the DVD drive to a SHW-1635S PC DVD writer drive and now it works perfect. i can now record of sky without the protected content screen coming up and with my previous DVD drive i couldnt write DVD’s very well but now i can burn them off perfectly. also i did read that some other people who replaced their DVD drive had problems fast forwarding but i dont have this problem it all seems to work perfect now.

Glad to hear all’s fine. The FF problem only shows up on drives higher than 1693, the 1635 is a full functional replacement for Liteon based recorder units, FF is not an issue with the 1635.

'till next time.