Liteon 5045: No TV Signal!

[qanda]This thread is about the Liteon LVW-5045. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

This seems to be the place to help me!

My Liteon 5045 has been great, until the other day when I pulled the scart out of the back and put it back in and now it can no longer find my Virgin Digital TV signal. I’ve done nothing else. I’ve done numerous scans, and turned it on and off, but it just won’t pick it the TV signal!! Gutted, no TV recording! :sad: It’s lost the TV signal before (when the player has hung and rebooted) but its always found the signal again.

I did check if the player was on progressive mode, and it wasn’t.

Thinking maybe a full reset will work, but wondered if I will lose the hard drive data, theres some important stuff on there (my young daughter walking etc). Not sure how to do this safely.

Any ideas?

Additionally, not so important, but it stopped automatic switching to the player when I turned it on, when I first took out the scart.

Hope you all can help. Thanks