LITEON 5045 keeps turing on randomly

Hello folks - I’m a newbie. I found you because my Lite On 5045 just keeps tunring itself on - I’ve gone though all the programming etc - it’s not trying to respond to a recoridng timer or anything. It’s really wierd - and if it turns on when I hahve got it programmed to record it times out.

Thanks for any help

I need more details – have you tried a system restore after unpluging the unit.
Sometimes some have reported to me that the unit locked up when the power was on then after a few minutes they repluged in unit and it runs a check on the hard drive.
I would advise you to then 1. erase the harddrive 2.defag the hard drive. 3. upgrade the firmware after a system restore. However, if it not stable enough to do so retuirn it for another or call liteon support for service.

Try covering up the infra red sensor on the front of the unit. It may be turning on from another device. :doh:

Thanks guys - I’ll try the suggestions and let you know.

Hi folks have tried everything - including new firmware as directed by Lite-On. Their further helpful suggestion is “machine is faulty - return machine”. Not inspiring - have only had this for about 15 months as well.

Hi folks - problem has been solved by removing the (IKEA) low energy light bulbs from the lounge light fittings - they appear to be transmitting on the same frequency! Also affected the TV remote. Only one type of bulb was doing it, so we now have a low ebergy uplighter instead of wall lights.
hope this helps some folk!

Had mostly the same problem with one brand of bulbs, the cable remote would not work for nearly 5 mins after I turned the lights on, then would start working again. Switched brands then all was ok.