Liteon 5045 help



Please help. I seem to have lost the video signal on my 5045. I was trying different connections with my new tv. Scart - Rca- Ph, when I reverted back to Scart I have no picture. I’ve reconnected with RCA but no luck. Could be anything to do with the DVD drive as it has been tempremental of late.


You might try the brightness and contrast settings for that connection. Once I had a similar problem with a DVD player that began playing all black and white even for color movies. In my case the color level for that connection had been turned down to lowest setting.


:confused:No Luck Bevills, could I have blown something on the board when swapping connections.?
Do you know if there is a jumper on board that can do a complete reset of box.?


Resoved problem with no picture. the 5045 was in stuck progressive mode.
Answer was at::slight_smile: