LiteOn 5045 Hacked 197 Firmware

For all of those with the LiteOn 5045, I have updated my ILO Firmware Download Page with the latest hacked files for the 5045. All are version 197, including the new AU region. Get them here:

LiteOn 5045 Hacked Firmware Download

Do know if the 5045 does PAL to NTSC conversion like the 5005 does? Might be useful to replace my 5005 with…

Thanks for the post Guitarman1,
just one question? if using the 197 patched/hacked FW are we going to have problems flashing to the newer released liteons when they get released i.e. 198 etc . . . should we have to then wait for the 198 hacked version and so on or can flash to a newer liteon FW when ever they beccome available. Thanks :slight_smile:

On the 5005 we can use the Ilo Hacker and then when a mew official firmware comes out do a restore to default and then apply the new official f/w or use ilo hacker on it and apply it hacked.

What does this hack firmware actually change for the liteon 5045?


I have tried to upgrade on the UK version and it says ‘UPGRADE FAILED. CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR RECOVERY’.

Am I doing something wrong?


Its not working at all now.

There is no picture to the TV and it says INSERT CD. I have done so and nothing happens.

Can someone please assist?

What procedures did you do when attempting to do the upgrade?

Put the unpacked fw on a cd and insert into the recorder, power off and wait a couple minutes, then power back on.

I have downloaded the latest firmware from Lite On and nothing is happening.

There is still no signal to the TV.

The machine says HELLO then it says INSET CD. I put the CD in and it reconigses it as firmware (the display states this) but nothing happens.

I have disconected the power and left the machine and switched it back on but nothing. Same again.

I’ve upgraded my firmware today and it took an age and lots of messing around loading and unloading the DVD to get the unit to read it, I used the instructions on the liteon site on the page you download from. My first attempt did exactly the same as yours, but then on the third try it suddenly found and read the CD, btw it takes ages to read the DVD and get to the “press Yes to update” screen - I thought mine wasnt doing anything.

You also have to retune all your tv channels after update as it loses them and all you get is snow on the screen which threw me for a while. But I sussed it out.



I been to your site for the hacked 201 UK update, but the note at the bottom i dont understand. Does your hack make the unit region free and remove macrosvision and if so, why do I need to do it again (as per N.B)

I don’t want to install it til I understand what I am doing. I’ve already updated to 201UK today just to make sure it all works. But not applied your hacked file yet.

If the 5045 is like the 5005 put the firmware cd in the tray and then do a system restore to default from the setup screen, it should help it recognize the update cd.

Are you gonna release a hacked firmware for the Lite-On LVW-5045 GDL+ as well when it comes out?

I bought a 5045 after reading a lot of the posts on this site what do i have to do to copy a new release dvd to the hard drive then back to a dvd? do i need to upgrade the software? i changed it to all region and still wasn`t able to copy to the hard drive.
any help would be appreciated

The hack will only allow you to play a dvd from an external player into the recorder and record it. It is not possible to copy the DVD from the internal dvd drive to the HDD.

I am currently running my LiteOn 5045 with standard (non-hacked) Rev 204 firmware. Occasionally, I get a “Protected Input Source” error when trying to record TV shows from Cablevision. As was noted in another earlier thread, this happens randomly on shows from various major network channels and cable channels, and seems completely unrelated to the content or channel.
It even happens when I record directly from the AV outputs from my cable box, so I’m not even using the LiteOn channel tuner.
I suspect some transmission glitch in the cable signal incorrectly triggers the protected source detection routine.
My question: Does the firmwire on Guitarman’s LiteOn Hacked Firmware Download Page eliminate this protected source detection routine, or not? I have read many posts and I can’t really tell what it does, other than remove Macrovision protection.