Liteon 5045 GDL+

I just buy lite on LVW 5045GDL+ a few weeks ago.I update the firmware, how can I know the version that I updated.,and what version i had?May be is too much what I am asking for.And what is the best version for it, and were can I find it.There are any secrets codes for it ?One more thing what can I do to take the most of my lite on to improve it. Thank you for all your support :slight_smile:

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You will either find the original factory firmware version on the back plate of your DVD recorder or on the box it was shipped in. Depending on the region you are from, it will be written in the form LNJTxyyy, where ‘x’ is ‘E’ for England or ‘G’ for Germany and ‘yyy’ is the firmware version. The latest firmware at this time of writing is version 021.

Assuming your Lite-On model has the same menu layout as with the LVW-5045, you may be able to find your current version in the setup menu. Go into the setup menu and have a look at the 3rd block of digits at the bottom right as highlighted in the screenshot below. For example, if you see ‘0021’ and your DVD recorder was bought in the UK, then your loaded firmware would most likely be LNJTE021. As long as have not experienced any issues with your DVD recorder or have problems recognising new media, I would recommend staying with your current firmware version. For example, the LVW-5045 (not the GDL+) is well known for firmware problems. To give some examples, version 197 gives serious defragmentation issues, version 203 has stability issues and 204 is known for false copy protection detection issues, where as 201 is reported to give the least issues. Off hand, I’m not sure what is the most reliable best performing version for the LVW-5045 GDL+, however as I have not heard of any issues with the latest firmware (021), I reckon it should be work fine.

My main tip for the Lite-On hard drive models would be to use the hard drive for recording unless you need to record directly to DVD to be able to take the recording away in a hurry. The main advantage with using the hard drive is much quicker editing and the ability to modify a recording before placing it on a write-once (DVD+R or DVD-R) disc.

As far as I’m aware of, the only secret menu for the Lite-On series is the region selection menu. To access this, go into the setup menu, navigate to the ‘Exit’ icon and key in the digits 2, 9, 6, 0. In the hidden menu that appears, select ‘Region Free’ to remove the region lock. If you come across a stubborn region locked disc, such as a Region Code Enhanced disc designed to counteract region-free players, go back into the secret menu and select the region number of that disc. :wink:

I have a quick question. Looking at the screen shot you posted, I see the Auto Sleep feature. What exactly does that do? Does it shut the machine completely down, or is it for a screen saver? Thanks.

Hi Sean!From the above comments, I have come to know how to read the firmware version for the first time. I have bought few months ago Liteon LVW-5045GDL+ with the firmware version (as now I recognise) FLNICG018 and unfortunately I tried to update with LNJTEO28 resulting in failure and with the message on screen “System upgrade failed please contact to customer service”. When I switch on the Liteon 5045 GDL+, ‘Hello’ flicked on the panel for few seconds then CD tray opens up automatically asking for cd to insert but doesn’t close again with the remote. When I push the button on the appliance the tray closes but either opens up again or gives message as ‘Error’.

Please help me what should I do to get resolved the problem and enjoy again as before?
Many thanks for your having quick reply.

You need to put in a CD with the correct firmware on it so that it can reload the firmware.

What nationality is FLNICG018 for?


Hi Sean
I have a liteon 5045 i saw your last post about changing the settings to region free.
can you tell me what the difference is in changing to this setting.will this allow me to copy old vhs tapes onto dvds

Hey every body . I m back for another question. It is possiple to connect a usb 2 with the lite on , so then you can transfer pic or mp3 etc,from a pen drive? I don t now. May be from the DV link or some how from the hard disk, i read last time that some 1 changed the hard disk for a biger 1 to record all the world cup games may be some how can attach a usb 2 port ? If it can be done even from the pc you transfer data to it and vice versa. I hope some can do it.

Hi Sean,

I’m experiencing the exact same problem that Morpheem is having wityh his 5045. Where do you get the proper firmware to reload? Thank you.

If you’re in Europe go to