Liteon 5045 DVD+R compatibility problem

Hi !

I have a Liteon 5045 DVD Recorder. It makes VIDEO_RM disks, which are compatible with players I as know.

I recorded to Liteon’s hdd first and then wrote to a DVD+R disk (TDK, Memorex). After I copy the disk with a computer DVD Writer, I’m having problems when I play the disk with WinDVD or PowerDVD players. The problem is that : When I play the disk it starts but when I push the next chapter button to go five minutes forward, the movie freezes. Perhaps, It can play from beginning to end without a problem. But whenever I forward the disk, it stucks.

I have no problems when I play the master disk that Liteon writes. I have tried two different kinds of blank DVD+Rs. And I copied the master disks on two different P4 systems. The same problem occured on both systems.

I think it is related to VIDEO_RM format. What should I do to make a compatible DVD copy?

By the way, I copied the master disk (the disk I burn with Liteon) with CloneDVD2 on a PC and the program created the VIDEO_TS exluding the VIDEO_RM folder. I could play it with WinDVD and PowerDVD easily then. Is there an explanation for this? Did the CloneDVD2 make the master disk compatible? Do I have to duplicate the master disk in this way everytime? Or is there something I miss?

Thank you all for your help


Unfortunately the chapters inserted on +R discs are only recognised by the recorder on which they were made, and sometimes not by other players. This is a limitation of the +R disc recording format.

One way around it is to make the original recording on a +RW disc, where the chapters will be compatible in other DVD players. Then if you make an exact disc copy (for example as an ISO image) onto a +R disc, then the compatibility of the chapters will be preserved.

Dear imkidd57,

I didn’t know that about +R disks. Liteon 5045 doesn’t use -R disks. Whenever I try a -R disk, it doesn’t accept it. So, can I say that every Liteon 5045 users who tries to duplicate the DVD+Rs on PCs will have this problem?

Hmmm - that’s strange because the 5045 should accept -R discs. See here:

To be honest I’m not absolutely certain that this incompatibility of chapters on +Rs is the cause of problems in your case, but it’s a real possibility. It was certainly a problem with Philips recorders where chapters were inserted after the recording was made.

I have another suggestion: could you try making a copy of your master discs using ImgBurn’s ISO read mode, followed by its ISO write mode onto the new +R disc. That way it should be an exact bit-for-bit copy rather then having something ‘removed’ in the process.