Liteon 5045 Does Not Edit

I’ve been happy with my Liteon 5005 for 4 months so I bought the harddrive version for its editing/publishing capability. Had it for 24 hours and it records and acts pretty much like the 5005==very happy. BUT I have tried and retried to edit the commercials out of a two hour movie and after 30 minutes of button pushing I get totally unusable garbled up mess.

It almost seems like the remote control unit rotates the functions of the command keys!!! Commericals I took out are still there. Hiding chapters includes material that wasn’t in the original marked space. Hiding chapters does not document its actions so the only way to check if a button command took effect is to replay the original material–ie, the length of the original clip never changes and no edit marks are put down to show progress.

The software update at the liteon site won’t download==my system just hangs while I can download other unit software and manuals with no problems.

Any 5045 users out there with similar problems and solutions? I “might” keep this unit if the false edit process can be corrected==then I’ll just be careful about recording material that requires heavy editing. This unit just isn’t set up to do that easily. When are these guys going to connect it to the Computer with a USB???-----thanks. bobbo.

I have only had my 5045 for a week or two but was able to edit out some commercials from a recorded TV broadcast.
I followed the instructions in the manual, using the edit screen and by creating a “split” at the appropriate points was able to isolate and then delete the commercial. After that I used the “merge” function to stitch the programme back together. So it is possible but a bit tedious to do. My firmware version is 193.

I’ve had my 5045 for abot three months now. It has given me a lot of problems since I got it. The editing would not work unless I repeated the actions several times for each step. Some recordings after adverts had been cut out would not play fully, but would skip most of the recording. I could not do anything to recover these recordings.

I then upgraded the firmware to 193 and it seems to have sorted out the editing problems so far. I have encountered another problem which is my hard drive has wiped every thing on it a few times, lost some valuable recordings including camcorder recordings.

The dvd recorder has been unable to finalise some DVD-RWs and when erasing them they have messed them up.

I have not been able to play WAV Files or .tiff files on the recorder as stated on the manual. Has any one been able to, or can someone see if they can as it would be nice to know if it is just my player.

IMO the 5045 is a good recorder for the price but there are alot of bugs that still need to be fixed and the editing features are not user friendly they are labourious.