Liteon 5045 Disk Full

My 5045 has been used for a year or so with no problems. Then out of the blue I get a ‘Disk Full’ message when I try to record. No problem, me thinks and I get rid of most the recorded material.

I now have about 10 - programmes I don’t want to delete just yet.

I have checked with the Search in Club CDfreaks thinking this must happen to others. Not so. Nothing - nada.

Wonder if any body could advise? I guess if I deleted all recorded material it would be OK But i would rather not do that at the moment.

Great maching and trouble free up to now.


Welcome to the forum :clap:

As I never filled my 5045’s HD to the brim, I am not sure what happens once the disk is full. From what I imagine, your DVD recorder is either miscalculating the free space or if a recording is physically located at the end of the HD, it may assume it is full, even though there may be a lot of free space in-between the recordings.

There are a few options you can try. The first would be to perform disk defragmentation, which is an option that can be found on the tools menu. However, if you have not defragged the hard drive in a long time or since you got the player, I would recommend leaving the defragmentation process to run overnight as it can take several hours if the HD is fairly fragmented.

If defragging the hard drive does not help, try upgrading the firmware to the latest version (if you have not already done so), just in case it is a bug that may have been fixed in a later firmware version.

Unfortunately, if neither the above tips work, your only other option is to backup what you have on the HD and perform a full format. For recordings that are larger than the disc’s capacity, use the ‘split’ tool to break the recordings down to chunks that can fit onto blank DVD media. At least you only have 10 recordings, so a small spindle of DVD+/-R’s should handle that. :wink:

Thank you Seán for you welcome.

I am sure the HD was not full and now thinking about it, it must be an error. Lucky not to have had it before! When I got the HD full notice I did try to defrag but it requires 5 Gig to be able to function. After deleting most of the files it still had the same message!

The answer for sure has to be, back up and reformat. Up to now I had not realised there was a firmware upgrade. Not sure what it improves but I will have a look on the forum to see what it entails.

Many thanks for you prompt reply.

All the best, Ian