Liteon 5045 Avail Now Costco

Liteon 5045 on a available at costco at 349.99 price tag. Although from what I’ve read it has a blue tint problem and I don’t know about jitter. jitter at any price I don’t want.

If anyone purchases one please let me know if it has a blue tint problem or whatever. I’m going to problably give it a try–if someone actually has one that operates well. --with no blue or green tint or jitter.
Please PM me with your experiences --the build date is december 2004.
Does it have a mono tuner as well???

I bought one 5045 and it still jitters but only with vcd --so far. Green is still there but nothing as bad as the 5005 had straight out of the box. No jitter with the hard drive --thank god. Picture quality is better I believe because of the 10 bit video capture over the 8 bit that the 5005 has.

Does that mean the 5006 should be better than the 5005 ? since it also has a 10 bit converter ?

I would say that of all the 5005s I have had (on number 7 ) the only one that performed the best was one that had a mainboard marked LVW5006

Apart from the two based on the LVW5001 mainboards which has no green tint what so ever ?

nickkk- the 5045 had version 191 out the box already installed on the 5045. I don’t own the 5006 as of yet for comparsion. I only own two 5005 units and one 5045. so add up 179.99+179.99+349.99=total spent so far.

When they get cheap enough I might get one to play with bigger HD and maybe different burner install. I have a panasonic e80h now and I use it all the time, editing and things are easy now and hopefully this unit will be as nice for those of you who get one.

Any comment of whether the 5045 a) will convert PAL to NTSC, b) go region free and c) go MV free?

I really like my 5005 and would consider a 5045.