Liteon 5025 with Optiarc AD 5170A replacement

Hello as I am a new member I have posted this question here. I have been reading the liteon forum which enabled me to replace the drive in the 5025. The drive I order was a DWG 120A but this Optiarc arrived instead. Fitted it anyway and it works ok a bit noisy. Functions it does not perform , will have nothing to do with minus formats,which does not really bother me but it will not record to +rw.It will however record programme to +r. and will copy hdd to +rw. Can anyone suggest why it will not record to the +rw disc. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thankyou

you might want to read here

Thanks for setting me in the right direction. A wee bit technical for a silver but I will read up on firmware and flashing etc. cheers