LiteOn 5007 Quirks

My replacement 5007 is working fairly well, except that the TV Guide reset itself for some unknown reason. Everything is gone (including the channels themselves) except for the scheduled recordings, which are shown with an “!” (I hope they will still record). Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Also, another quirk is that I reset the default speed to EP. However, when I go to record something, it defaults to SP. Another bug, I presume.

Yet a third bug is the clock is never quite on time - always about 15-30 seconds slow.

Keybounce - often time, I get a double key entry instead of one; e.g., I press 9 and get 99.

After I record a show, they are often listed as “Title 1, Title 2” etc., instead of the real titles in the Recordings listing.

And yes, I am running the latest firmware.