Liteon 5007 not reading any discs



My 5007 does not recognize any kind of discs now. I had a timer set to record a show and it did so, but after I took the disc out and tried to put another in, it would not recognize it. The title menu just says ‘DVD Reading’ and nothing else. I used the 3 hour hack and I’m afraid that if they ask me to send it back, they will know that I used the hack and won’t fix it. It won’t recognize any firmware I try to update it with so I can’t set it back, is there any other way to set it back? Anybody have any solutions? I tried system restore and unplugging it. I emailed liteon and they have yet to respond. I’m going to have to buy a new dvd recorder, aren’t I?


Don’t worry about the hack, I don’t think they care that much unless Hollywood get on their back in the future. In all likelihood, it wasn’t the hack that did in the 5007.

Do a warranty claim RMA if you can (you pay postage) or better yet: return to the dealer . It is always good to buy from a reputable retailer such as Walmart/Sams or Costco in the USA. In the UK, I read the retailer have to take it back within a year.


Thanks, I was worried about that, I heard they send them back if they found the hack.

I got it from Sears before Christmas time, can I still return it to the dealer? I am a total n00b about these things. And where can I find info about the warranty claim? Thanks again, it’s really appreciated.


Here is the link for RMA requests to Liteon:

But first call this number and tell them your problem:

Please contact our Tech Support Hotline:

CE Product : 1-888-8-LITEON

You should check with Sears first to see what their policy is about electronics returns.


Thanks! Two more questions, do you have to have bought a warranty or anything like that to get a RMA? And is there a certain amount of time that you have to request one in? Like 90 days after purchase or something.


No need to have purchased a warranty. The Factory Warranty (as spelled out in your manual) is one year from date of purchase. If you purchased an “extended” warranty at the retailer then that is between you and the retailer and only comes into effect after the expiration of the factory warranty.


Thanks so much for your help. It was much appreciated. Liteon told me to send it back to sears for repairs.


funny in the lite on warranty i read ,with in the first year ,you have to mail the machine back to lite on?? hum is that true? im not sure about this machine…there DISC COMPATIBILITY LIST … must be outdated?? about 95 percent of the disc in the stores are x8 speed , lite on says for minus(-) disc ,you have to use a 2x speed disc …good luck?? i havnt found any x2 speed disc yet>> tried a imation brand dvd -r …x4 speed , my 5005 …didnt like it gave me a fail… error …any brand of x 4 or x8 that work in the minus format?? let me know plezzz …thx :slight_smile:


I have used TDK 8x -R disks without any issue. But I mostly use +R generic media and have been very lucky so far.


See here for link to the supported media table attachment from my US 5005

here is an email I got from LiteOn when I asked them about the low speed DVD’s listed on their site for the 5005. It’s a link for the 5006 media.

Dear Sir,
Heres the link for recommended media list
the 8x disc should work fine if its variable speed disc (1x-8x).

Thank you for contacting Liteon Technical Support. Please reply with history and send us all
correspondences in all emails you send to us.

Technical Support?


I upgraded my 5005 with a Lite-on IHAP422 drive (also a branded I/O Magic IDVD22DLS). It burns DVD+RW great, (not so much good for CD-R or DVD-R). But the Pengo brand DVD+RW have never failed, and rewrites and erases are good, too.