LiteOn 5007 Cooling Fan

I’ve had this unit about 10 days now. I know that the fan will activate during recording and playback times, as well as, during the TV Guide D/L process. On my unit, however, the fan runs non-stop - even when nothing is running. Anyone else experiencing this?

YEp, all the time. I had 2 units, but brought them both back for a refund ( not due to the fan).It was due to the fact that nobody at Liteon Tech support could answer why the Red and White analog audio path from their built-in tuner was lower-volume than when i selected the normal TV audio…it took 2 weeks of emails and phne calls to go nowhere on this…I gave up.

I have a 5004 and the fan is active even in standby mode if I have scheduled a recording in the timer menu.


Well, I’m stumped. Had a long weekend so I was able to monitor the unit more frequently. And to my surprise, the fan did cycle on and off - when not in use. Although that makes me feel better, I went ahead and purchased the 2 year replacement agreement from Sears for $22.48. For my rather simple needs, the unit is fine so far.

unit for lwv-5005b and lvw-5006
In side need extra cooling heatsink or fan need for LSI chip and memory chip set U4 & U3
also room temp is very important for DVD-R & CD’s please take a not i know this