Liteon 5006 Stopping problem

Hey all-
Okay I’ve read through some of the posts about people getting the stopping error in various situations.
I was unable to find any posts with someone successfully correcting this issue.

I started getting it when running through the front AV1 rca inputs to convert my old 8mm from my old camcorders.
I originally had the issue with the mistaken ‘macrovision’ because of snow or blank spots between scenes. I corrected this with the appropriate macrovision hack.


I am still getting the stopping issue when trying to do this process unattented for example filling up a disc to full capicity.
To this point I have tried: doing the ‘one touch recording’ up to 2 hours but I still end up getting the error.

As of now, I have NOT tried doing a ‘timed recording’ or doing the ‘one touch recording’ in shorter increments (possibly an hour).

Before I continue on this path I just want to make sure that there isn’t a known fix.


What type of media are u using +RW, -R, +R?
I had the problem with some +RWs.
make a few very short test recordings 3-5mins on a +RW.
if still a problem try a different brand of +RW
then try a +R or -R you can edit erase later small file later

also search on:

I’ve tried a few different medias DVD-R, DVD-RW, AND brands.

If I do a quick clip and stop I haven’t run into an issue. It’s when leaving the recording unattended and it fills the disc to capicity that the issues occurs -
This is a common issue I have seen threads about this, but I haven’t seen anyone with a fix for it.

That is a different problem. I do not recomend that you let the disc reach disk full. sometimes you can still finalize some time not, most of the time I could and recording stopped but don’t count on it. try using OTR function to stop prior to disc full

I did in fact do the OTR mode, as I mentioned, but this still resulted in the same issue.

A process which has been accomplished through the AV2 rear jacks numerous times WITHOUT an issue.
As I said, I read other posts with people having issues with both the RCA inputs and the DV input that are considered the AV1 front - I of course am currently only concerned with the RCA inputs as it’s a matter of converting the old analogue tapes to digital media.

I usually try and be there at the end of a xfer from tape to DVD to avoid having to edit out stuff if the 5005 DVD recorded to long. Ya can try and lessen the time by a minute or 2. I noticed the time remaining on a DVD varies and usually increases to more than when I stopped the previous recording. I usually xfer VHS tapes in the 4hr mode and get 2 on 1 DVD with the quality being just as good as the original.

Also as CCRomeo mentioned don’t record until you get the disk full message as he stated it may or may not finalize.

I succesfully transferred last night by using the ‘timer mode’ and setting it at 2hours.

jm - I am surprised to hear that the 4hour quality doesn’t give any degredation in quality!

I haven’t attempted doing anything at more(or less?? : ) ) than 3hr quality. But if you’ve had success, I will give it a shot.

Thanks to both of you for your help.

Just note that the resolution captured on DVD for the recording modes on the Lite-On are as follows (on PAL):

1-2 Hour: 720 x 576
3-4 Hour: 352 x 576
6 Hour: 352 x 288

Standard VCRs record only half the scan lines, which means that they effectively record 720 x 288 at best. This means that even though the 3/4 hour recording mode on the Lite-On is half full resolution and a VHS tape also captures half the full resolution, transferring from a VHS tape to a DVD using Lite-On’s 3-4 hour mode will effectively cut the resolution in half again since this mode only captures 352 horizontal pixels and 288 lines the VHS is capable of.

Then again, unless one is using a very high quality VHS tape that was recorded using a high quality source, the 3-4 hour mode should be fine. The 6 Hour recording mode may even work well with some recordings, especially those with little action. Even though the 3-4 mode may only effectively capture 352 x 288, using the 6 hour mode to record at 352 x 288 may result in too much compression, which leads to blockiness on fast motion images. :rolleyes:

Just note that when taping from a noisy source such as a picture with a lot of interference, I would recommend using a higher quality recording mode. The reason for this is because noise in the picture takes up a lot of encoding bandwidth and thus can degrade the picture further than when recording a clear image with the same recording mode.

Great answer,

just wish I had your Knowledge base
but I am working on it.

Well done!!! :bow:

@shookiejones - I’m not the only one to report that the 4 hour mode looks good. Give it a shot and see. If ya try it on a rw ya won’t even waste a DVD if ya don’t like it :slight_smile: .

JM -
Thanks for the info and the break down on the Recording Hours-Resolution.

Just tried a conversion using 4hr mode last night - Looks great.
I guess I am going to save even more room in my video\dvd archive locker!

Again I appreciate the help!


Oh thanks to Sean who posted the resolution breakdown!
All the info is much appreciated!

That’s not true. The “digital eqiuvalent” to a standard VHS tape is about 250-300x480. It’s around a third of 720 resolution. That’s why VHS is soft compared to full-res DVD. The first axis is what controls depth of detail.

The x480 is required due to interlace and the way digital video works. While it is true that “VHS does not record x480”, it’s not really possible to describe how a VCR works in digital terms.

x576 for all those in PAL.

This is also why 3-hour to 4-hour has no picture loss. You are still at or above the digital resolution equivalent of the tape. The 3 hour has a better bitrate, so it has less digital artifacts. The 4 hour has a lower bitrate, but because the LSI encoder chipset is so clean, it holds up pretty well, but can still succumb to digital noise from time to time. JVC DVD recorders are even better than the LiteOn, because of how they use true VBR instead of just CVBR.

I have a very simple manual method of dealing with the only “stopping” problem I had.

It was explained to me that if you released pause (allowing a second or two of recording to take place) but then hit “stop”, you could royally confuse the recorder, and it’d wreck the disc.

The endless flashing of “stop” could result.

My simple solution?

If I’m going to release the pause button and allow a little recording (say of a frozen black screen from a paused source), and then hit “stop”, I’ve found that recording for SIX seconds does the trick.

Five, and there’s a good chance the disc will go flooie and the endless “stop” flashing will set in.

Six, and that makes the difference.

That’s what I’ve found, anyway. It works in this particular case.