Liteon 5006 screensaver issue

Hello all,

I’ve just replaced my 5002 with a 5006 (in the argos sale) and so far I love it! Recording video straight onto CD in MPEG file is one of the best things in the world :smiley:

However the screensaver (All-write logo) seems to pop up after two hours no matter what I have set in the setup menu. It’s annoying having to press a key on the remote to stop the TV picture disappearing every so often!

Would a firmware upgrade fix this? I lost count of the number of upgrades I had to do to my 5001 and 5002, and the 5006 works perfectly apart from that. I think I’m on 101 at the mo.

Or is there a magic key I can press to make the thing stay in ‘TV mode’ without having to keep it awake?

Sorry for sounding like a total NooB but it’s driving my other half potty :wink:

Same problem here, does anyone know how to fix this as missus is going barmy about it


ive been going crazy about this lol
ive tryed everything
can anyone help with this :wink:

same here with my 5045.
my little girl sits down to watch the tv and the damn screen saver pops up.

has no one any ideas ?