Liteon 5006 - problem recording

I have been tryin to record from a dvd player, and a line at the bottom is appearing. After i have recorded a flim that line at the bottom is present. can anyone help?

If you play the DVD in the player to the TV does the line appear?

The problem Im having with the 5006 is in recording onto a cd-r blank. It rejects every one I try to format! Ive called the idiots at liteon to no avail.
They tell me to taker the unit back to radio shack, which I did 3 times. Every one has this problem. I even downloaded the software they tell me to. it does nothing but sit there. Anyone else had this problem with JUST recording CD-Rs??

Using my 5005 the only recording I have ever done to CD-R’s is audio recording and I have never had any trouble recording from cable music channels to make audio CD-R’s.