LiteOn 5006 problem, black screen

Alright to the START of my problem.

I bought this unit a while ago without a remote so I didn’t use it more then two or 3 times (recordered a few things but didn’t finalize). played and recorded fine. 8-10 months went by and I finally decided to buy a remote.

I get the remote and it wont recognize my dvd’s. Will pick up ocassionally but NEVER DVD-/+R blanks. Picked up 1 DVD-RW and started to record but errored.
So I cleaned the lens and still nothing. I upgrade the firmware. Seemed to work the same. Decided I was done messing with it for a while.

I turn it on today hoping maybe my pioneer 111 may work in it and all I get is a black screen and it says “Put CD in” on the front panel.

Did I destroy this unit somehow?

could be yes or no, try to reset to default settings, and record to a DVD+RW; in the end the drive could be bad.

How do I reset to default settings? Can’t get through the menu since the screen is black.

The “put cd in” message is telling you that the 5006’s firmware is corrupt. In response to the message you should open the tray, put a cd-r in that has a good firmware for the 5006 on it, and see if the unit can successfully update its firmware. I’m not sure whether the pioneer 111 drive it sounds like you put in the 5006 is one that will work with the unit, so you may have to swap in a another drive that is compatible.

That is the conclusion I have come up with. I tried a disc with a firmware on it but still didn’t read it. If I replace the drive will the blank screen go away?

I assume no because the firmware would be on the mainboard?

I am not great with this stuff so I am a bit lost ATM.

The act of just changing the drive won’t cure the “black screen” (aka corrupt firmware) problem. But it may allow a firmware update (refresh) to be successfully done. No guarantees though of course.

try a system restore: press SETUP, press ENTER, press cursor down 6 times, press cursor right, press ENTER, wait than power off the power on, if default restore works you may then try to install new firmware.

If things are stuck at the “put cd in” point in the units start-up process, and the unit firmware is corrupt, then functions like SETUP won’t be available I’m afraid (cause the firmware that performs those functions is corrupt). The only firmware intact (or hopefully so) would be the code to boot a cd containing firmware and load that firmware.

I think I read a key sequence that would do a system restore to default, could be worth the search.

Thanks ALL for the tips. I wish there was a repair show around here i could take this to.
Tried to search for the key sequence but came up empty, maybe it was the terms I was searching for.

I am going to locate my remote and try the setup suggestion just in case.

I made a firmware disc and tried it in both the stock drive and the pioneer. said error both times.

anyone know a reliable place i can ship this too if it comes to that?

One odd thing to try: power off disconnect the drive turn on/off reconnect the drive see what happens.