Liteon 5006 dvd recorder

When i record on the 5006 with what ever disc,i get the same problem when trying to play back the recorded discs on other players.The discs wont play at all or if they do, they will freeze or skip.Ive tried with and without finalizing,and when i open the recorded discs on the PC i find there is a video RM file as well as the videoTS. Most of the players are reading the RM file first,and dont recognise it,thats the problem.I can remove the video TS file to my desktop on the PC and burn a disc that will play on all players no problem,but what a waste of discs and time having to carry out this procedure everytime i record on the 5006 for discs i want to share. Can the video RM file be removed from the liton recorder before recording?
I would be greatful if some one could shed some light.Thanks. :sad:

This is one of the problems with the Lite-On recorders. They will not play on all DVD players. One thing you can do is record to a DVD+RW and then copy to a DVD on your computer. This will save discs. Unless someone else has found a answer to this problem.

Thanks,i have been doing that recently,but its a pain.