Liteon 5005b UK 90 firmware


Since upgrade to new firmware I notice I have a new video output Prgressive
What is it and how is it used.
At the moment I use Scart RGB output

Sorry should be UK 0098 firmware

I believe there are a number of firmware updates. I recently updated my 5005B to the UK 080 and drive firmware which became available at the same time as the 098. I believe either there are two UK scart machines with different firmware or you have upgraded to the US version now at 098.

In the online manual the US version does have progressive scan - the UK scart version does not.

My setup has always defaulted to PAL and region 2 after upgrading from the original 071 firmware then 076 and now 080 (which I hacked to give 3Hr and MV free). Is yours the same or did it default to NTSC and region 1?

Mezza F

Mine Oct 2005 2 scart updated to UK0098
added 3hr mode no macrovision region free.
PAL output.
But was is Progressive ?
What is it used for ?

Laffinorse; I did a quick look in my manual and did a Google search and found this.
Progressive Scan: An image sensor that gathers its data and processes each scan line one after another in sequence. Compare to Interlaced.
Also, I have an update on my findings that Patriot1 and Had1 may be interested in, after doing the MV hack on my U.S. LiteOn LVW 5005a with the 1098 Firmware and the Drive update that was on the LiteOn site. I was able to “backup” a heavily content protected VHS tape for test purposes. My first run with it, I was able to back it up but had some noise in the picture when done. This did not remove all MV. Then I gave it another try with my Sima Copy This Model CT-1 hooked into the RCA Video in the front of the machine. This test removed all the MV in the recorded DVD + R, 4x TDK media. I have now recorded with all 3 of my media brands and they all playback in my Sony DVD player. This was not possible before doing the initial first upgrades from LiteOn. Cheers to all and take care. Hack at your own risk.
Regards: Pop’s